Cenac et-Saint-Julien

Cenac et-Saint-Julien

Every time we go to Domme or Sarlat we always say that we must stop and have a closer look at Cenac, which is to be found on the D46 at the foot of the road up to Domme. It is a village that we pass through regularly but are always in a hurry and time escapes us. However on our last visit to the Perigord circumstances were in our favour, well a little. We were in need of a dentist fast due to the fact that our sons’ upper gum had become swollen, so off we went to Cenac and met a wonderful dentist who saw us right away. I cannot express enough thanks to him, his service was fast, efficient and excellent and I would recommend him. Thankfully our sons gum problem was not serious and the dentist did not charge a great deal. I was prepared with my EHIC card and credit card, and it was not needed at all, brilliant.

Anyway to cut a long story short, it gave us time to look around Cenac. There is a gorgeous Patisserie, selling breads, hand made chocolate, macaroons, all to a very high standard. Market day is every Tuesday, so we must come back for that. There are a couple or bars/cafés, a wonderful wine shop and the most interesting laverie (launderette) I have ever seen. You not only go to wash your clothes but they also have a free book exchange near the door, a few French books but most are English, and a good selection including fiction, crime, romance, biographies and a few travel books,. I love crime novels, so we exchanged a few books, excellent.

We also found a very good Thai restaurant which we booked for the following evening.

SAWADEE Restaurant

The restaurant is to be found at the Northern edge of Cenac just before you reach the bridge over the Dordogne and is well worth a visit. We originally thought that the main course (“plate principle” in French) was a little more expensive than expected but of course you get what you pay for and the food is really delicious so well worth that extra couple of euros. The starter (entrée) is around the same size as the main course so you could consider not having the starter and enjoy the main course which also tends to be a large portion. I had to forgo some of my rice to leave room for dessert. All in all an excellent meal and we shall eat there again.

SAWADEE Restaurant
Le Couderc
24250 Cenac Et Saint-Julien

This is just a selection of the food we had that evening.

Main course.

This was mine, the source was gorgeous and such a lot of prawns, and the rice was delicious, fluffy and cooked perfectly.

such a lot of prawns,

such a lot of prawns,

Paul had beef, bean sprouts, tomatoes and again in a fabulous source.

Beef, bean sprouts, tomatoes

Beef, bean sprouts, tomatoes

And Adam had a Sea food green curry, just look at the amount of rice.

Sea food curry

Sea food curry.


fresh fruit salad.

Paul’s dessert, a fresh fruit salad.

Banana split

Banana split in a cream coconut sauce for Adam.

We where enjoying the food so much that we forgot to take a photograph of my dessert, so sorry for that but we shall take one the next time we go.


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