Honey stoned Domme is a typical ‘bastide’ town, well almost, it is a town that has been transplanted onto a bluff-top eyrie. Philippe III the Bold built it in 1281, however he had to use threats to get the local people to live in the town, it is very high up. Today you drive up the long winding road to the top. This is one of our favourite places for outstanding views, an excellent market on a Thursday, and lots and lots of tourist shops and cafes. There is an excellent shop selling local wines including La Vieille Noix (liqueur) this is gorgeous and you can sample a small drink in the shop.



This jewellery shop is just a few steps from the car park

Once you climb up the hill past all of the shops you reach L’Esplanade offering a terrific panoramic view of the Dordogne valley.



The picture below shows just part of the view, it has the wow factor

A view from l'esplanade

A view from l’esplanade

The town walls have three of the original gates. To the west there is the best preserved gate, the 13th –century Porte des Tours, its narrow entrance is flaked by two large guard towers built by Philip the Fair. These were converted into prisons in 1307 when the King ordered the arrest of the knights Templar; a few of the Templar lingered in the prison until1318, engraving the crucifixes and other graffiti onto the stone walls.

La Prison des Templiers

La Prison des Templiers

This is our last ‘blog’ for a while, we are going to France, so we shall ‘blog’ again on our return. Thanks again for reading and looking at our favourite places, and for the excellent comments.


2 thoughts on “Domme

  1. Hello,My Dad was born in Domme.I was born in the U.S.A. . You depict Domme very Well. Your Photos are superb. I just returned myself from Domme. My next visit is planned for June 2014 ( A family & friends summer get- together for his 90 th B -day) Family & friends for all over the world will be there. Maybe one day we can meet hen you visit next year. Continue to enjoy all the region has to offer . Please write about your trip as it is so nice to read. Tx you . Sincerely , Therese. Jurgen Ebert

    • Thank you for the comments. We both love Domme and always go there everytime we visit our home in Daglan. It is such a gorgeous place. We usually visit Daglan twice a year and we would love to meet up with you. Unsure as yet when the next visit will be but I expect it will be May or June 2014.
      All our best wishers for you and of course your father.

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