Daglan in the month of August

It is getting very close to our second visit of the year to Daglan and our minds are now thinking of what to take to France and which room we shall be renovating during our stay. We thought that it would be a good idea to post a few more pictures of our favourite place – Daglan, to help us to reminisce a little and for you to have a look at our very beautiful village.

The Marie with its excellent blue topped tower and opposite is the post office.

La place du la Mairie

La place du la Mairie

This is one of the very interesting homes in Daglan with the stonework glowing golden in the early evening sun.

Glowing golden stone

Glowing golden stone

The ancient game of Pétanque played on a sunny Sunday afternoon in our village. I was asked to join in but I have never played the game before, so I said , “thank you, but no, I shall just watch and learn”. The next time I shall have a go.



Pétanque is a form of boules. A player stands inside a starting circle with both feet on the ground and underarm throws metal balls to land as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet or jack. The game is usually played on a gravel or hard dirt area, but can also be played on grass or sand.

Ferias de Daglan

Although most of the time our village is very quiet the month of August is exceptionally busy with the circus coming to town and the Village Fete, which is always themed. We missed last year but were lucky enough to be in Daglan for the 2011 event, the theme was the Second World War. We had a long parade of tanks, anti aircraft guns, planes, vintage cars and floats through the streets of Daglan. Although in the photo below I was shot with a camera I was also hit several times with water pistols (and water cannons) fired from the floats, it was a very hot day in the high 30s Centigrade (high 90s Fahrenheit).and the cooling water was most welcome.

General de Gaulle

Is this General de Gaulle paying a visit

This remarkable float, a British aeroplane was named “the widow maker.”

The widowmaker

The things you see on a quiet village street

The dodgems and other fairground rides are located in the main square, just outside our home, it was very noisy, but great fun.

la place de la liberté transformed

la place de la liberté transformed

The Daglan fair is a four day event held in late August, this year it falls on
16th concert
17th grand concert
18th: parade of floats – fireworks
Dogems and other fairground attractions throughout the event.

So do come along for there is plenty to see. In the evening of 16th and 17th they have live bands and classical evenings, Sunday is the grand themed parade and fireworks and throughout the long weekend there are always lots of stalls selling food and drinks.

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