Sorry for not blogging in the month of May.

We have been to France for our first “working” holiday of the year. On the down side it was very cold and wet, in fact it rained every day until the last two days of our stay. We also had five water leaks, the central heating did not work for six days and I was ill. However, apart from that we did go to two brocantes, four markets, started to renovate the kitchen and caught up with our friends in the village, and our two friends Lesley and Darrel who live about twenty minutes away. They have a gorgeous home in the countryside and we had a very nice afternoon outside in the sunshine talking about our cats and wildlife in the area. They have wild deer roaming around their property, lizards, snakes and we saw buzzards flying in the sky while we were there.

Our son Adam looked after our home and our cats while we were away, it was great to come home to a clean house and very happy and contented cats.

Missed the birds again

Those pesky birds are never there when you want them

Ready to go

I was trying to unpack our suitcase and bags on our return from France. Angel packed herself into the suitcase and the bag. With the look of I am going with you next time on her face.

100% cute

This is our very cute Phoebe

At the watering hole

Both of the cats like to drink from the wash hand basin in the bathroom in the mornings. Even though they have fresh water in the kitchen.