Restoration of the kitchen (part 1)

First we needed to take down a few of the overhead cupboards, then to chip off and remove all of the (highly fashionable in the 1960s) white wall tiles, this took a few days hard work.

Very nice, in the 1960's

Very nice, in the 1960’s

As you can see from the photo the cooker hob is a little strange, two of the rings are gas and the other two are electric. There is no oven/grill (yet, it’s on the way) so we must make do with a combination microwave, grill and oven.

the secret window

the secret window

When we took down the cupboards we found an old secret window, it has been blocked by plastering over from the other side but it was a window into what was a pantry that we now use to store a bike and any wine that we buy from the local vineyards. We plan to make this a feature window to nowhere.

You learn something new every day

You learn something new every day

After removing all of the white tiles we went on the hunt for something nice to replace them and found a really good and extremely helpful céramique import just outside Saint-Cybranet (the next village north on the D57 from Daglan). The owner discussed with us, he speaking French with a touch of English and Paul and I speaking English with our little French, how to dry the tiles, cement them onto the wall and grout them. We eventually decided on a gorgeous travertine marble that Paul was able to fit with no problem. I just had to have a go at grouting, this is something I have never tried before. At first I used the trowel but found it more satisfying to get my hands in and use my fingers to force the grout between the tiles. Not the professional way to do it but the result is very nice.

Hard at work

Hard at work

This is me being very serious it was great fun to do but a lot of hard work. I suddenly realised that the kitchen was bigger than I thought it was. “Will you stop taking pictures and come over here and help Paul, please”.

Only the worktop to finish

Only the worktop to finish

It will look even better once the blue worktop is replaced with marble to match the splash back and concealed lighting. More work on the kitchen on our next visit.

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