Fabrice Le Chef.

A new shop in Daglan.

Fabrice le chef

A new shop to Daglan, Fabrice le chef boutique

Across from the post office and near to the Mairie in the centre of Daglan can be found Fabrice Le Chief Boutique, owned and run by Fabrice Lemonnier and his wife Samantha. Here you can buy local cheeses, cooked and fresh meats, pâté, prepared foods that he has made himself which range from traditional local dishes to more international foods e.g. Thai curry (which we tried and it was delicious). All reasonably priced and well packaged. He also sells excellent locally produced foie gras, beers, wines and honey.

Fabrice is fluently bilingual and is renowned for his personal chief services, which include cooking demonstrations, cooking classes and special functions.

Visit his website for contact details and the latest menus

Take a look at his shop below and visit the next time you are in Daglan.

Welcome to Fabrice le Chef

Welcome to Fabrice le Chef, The new food boutique in Daglan

Foods that he has prepared himself

Local fresh produce

beers, wines

Excellent locally produced wines and beers


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