Brocante Season.

We planned most of our “working” holiday around two brocantes: we rarely go looking for something specific, we generally hunt around for antiques that are interesting, functional and are just the right character or style for the property. You have got to enjoy the process of rummaging around in the dust and not feel disillusioned if you walk out empty handed. From the local brocante in Daglan we picked up a beautiful pair of bronze wall lights that look wonderful on each side of the fireplace.

Bronze wall lights

Antique bronze wall lights. Do not look at the colour of the wall we have not decorated the lounge area yet.

Vintage Hangers

These gorgeous heart shape hangers are from a brocante shop in Monpazier

Vintage French Linen

We came away empty handed from the brocante in Sarlat, but I do love French monogrammed linen, which I am sure I shall be back to at a future date.

A pair of antique chairs

Gorgeous but expensive so we did not buy.

A typical stall at a local brocante

A typical stall at a local brocante

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