Buying our future home

RelaxingThere was a whirlwind of activity and the estate agent was a little panicked at the thought of Paul and I buying a property, not having seen any other properties in the area. But, she was still getting to know us both and did not realise how many years of research had gone into buying the property. So we were totally prepared for how the house looked, the area etc. Well, I think that everyone thinks the same way and certainly after reading all of the books, internet searchers and French magazines we had both decided on the area and the type of house that we wanted. We also took with us the best possible advice of all ‘do not buy with your heart’; this was reiterated by our son Adam on our first viewing day. Although this seemed to go out of the window when we all took our first step inside the property and Adam said, “You should buy this one Mam”.

From our experiences here are a few tips that might come in handy when buying a property:

  1. Do your research of the area, find out about the local amenities, check who are your nearest neighbours and if any redevelopment is planned in the area. Also, the right of way and boundaries of the property.
  2. Check the prices of similar properties in the area. Then you will know if the property is a fair price or not.
  3. Think about what you need the property for, a holiday home (therefore you do not need the five hectares of land with the property) or a permanent home.
  4. Try very hard not to get too exited when you first see a property. We did try but failed on the last point.

After we had seen the property we put an offer in right away, which was accepted. We signed the ‘Compromis de Vente’ prior to leaving France.Market Day A lot of people I had talked to or read about stated that the buying process in France is difficult. We did not find it so. The agent was very helpful and translated everything for us. The Notaire was funny and spent time making sure that we understood everything. We read and signed a lot of papers and after the last one the Notair said, “There you are, married in France” so now we have two Anniversaries. The seller of the property lives in the same village and often stops by our house for a chat. The agent has become one of our best friends, she also lives near by in a gorgeous rural home.

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