It took some time

RelaxingWe had rented a tall tower, all that remained of a castle dating from the 10 century, close to Le Mans and within a few days we were hooked and looking at properties to suite our particular needs of a home with income, sad to say all of the properties were too expensive.

Since then we have rented in Charente, Languedoc-Roussillon, the Midi-Pyrénées and the Dordogne constantly on the lookout for the perfect location and property. In 2009 we stayed on the outskirts of a charming village in the Perigord Noir. This is it, this was the perfect area that I wanted to live in.

Our priorities have changed over the years, we were looking for a smaller property with retirement in mind. The properties we saw in the Perigord Noir were either run down and in need of extensive repair or much too expensive.

However we could not forget that perfect village, we found a beautiful picture of the village square on the internet and downloaded it as our computer desktop wallpaper, a wonderful reminder of the warmth and honey glow of the local stone every time I logged in.

Then in September 2010 we spotted a property for sale in that same village. We recognised the house and arranged to view the property. From the very first visit we knew that it was the right house for us and by early December we had bought the property.

The property is in need of decorating and a new kitchen and bathroom. However, there is no renovation needed.

What is the property worth? We would say it is worth everything, it is a home, it is the excellent climate, it is the smell of the markets, the freshness of cheeses, fresh herbs and breads etc, it is the people, so friendly and helpful, who live in a picturesque village of unspoiled beauty and last but not least, it’s a dream come true.

Oh yes, remember the desktop picture we downloaded, the one we have been using as our computer desktop wallpaper for a year, it was taken from the front door of our new house.

I hope that you like our first blog, talk to you soon. Chris and Paul

Extracts from my letter in French Property News Magazine (March 2011)

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